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Personal Training Special

Sign up for Small Group training, 2 or 3 people per group, before February 1st and lock in 2022's prices for 6 months. Spaces are limited and time slots fill up fast. Grab a friend or 2 and start the year off right with better health and wellness. Training with a group creates accountability and motivates you to show up. Having support will improve consistency in both you and the group, which is the key to making changes to your lifestyle. Personal Training is for all levels of ability, but especially for beginners. We can cater to any goals and fitness level.

2 People- 

2x/week =$350/month 

3x/week = $450/month

3 People-

2x/week = $450/month 

3x/week = $600/month

2023 pricing begins February 1st, Must sign up by Jan 31st, 2023, Clients must consistently train for 6 months to receive special pricing, Groups must remain together for 6 months to receive special pricing

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