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Personal Training

Why hire a Personal Trainer?

The benefits of hiring a personal trainer include:

Educational- A trainer can help you with correct and proper form to avoid injury, work with unique requirements or conditions and personalize the program to your specific needs.

Goal Specific- A trainer can help you set realistic goals, train sports specific or help you prepare for an event with focused training. No wasted time = Max results

Accountability- A trainer will help to keep you accountable and consistent with your training. Keeping you motivated and having fun with your workouts to keep you pushing towards the next goal.

Not Just Fitness- A trainer will help you form good habits in your daily life, help with your mental health through fitness and are sometimes referred to as "Unofficial Therapists".


"I have found Jason to be an excellent physical trainer. I am impressed with his diverse background of knowledge about exercise from gentle yoga and stretching to martial arts workouts and everything in between. He pays close attention to how I am doing each exercise, correcting posture and assisting me for optimal results. He is receptive to altering an activity to meet my physical limitations and addressing areas of greatest need. As a Physical Therapist myself I greatly appreciate how he conducts our sessions and am very pleased to recommend him to anyone looking to get themselves in shape." - Cathy

"I have been attending classes at Physical FX about 2 years. I have lost over 20 pounds and feel healthier than I had before. It is not just the weight that I feel, it is the inches that I have lost and the muscle that has taken its place. I am not one to sign up for Gym memberships, I need more direction and someone to motivate me to workout. I get the motivation from the instructor and those around me. I am motivated to push myself further, and now get frustrated with myself when I miss a class or cannot attend. You will not find a better place than this. The instructor cares about your well being, and makes sure you get something out of the class. I would have never thought I would get so much out of it and have fun doing it. I will forever be grateful to this place. I am happy that I took that initial step and signed up. It has truly changed my life and how I feel about myself." -PL

"Jason’s classes are amazing!! He comes to our office twice a week for an hour long session, and I was hooked instantly. I am now often adding a 3rd and sometimes a 4th session a week. Jason’s unique approach incorporates strength training, cardio, balance exercises and flexibility in a variety of ways so that they are fun and never become boring. The reward is an incredible transformation -- since beginning with Jason in January 2011, I am stronger, more flexible and I have dropped 4 clothing sizes and lost a total of 48 pounds (and still going). Thank you, Jason, for all your motivation, guidance and encouragement in helping me to achieve my personal goals. I couldn’t have done it without you and can’t wait to see what the next year brings. You are the best! Thank you." -Cindy

6 week before/after
6 week before/after
6 week before/after
6 week before/after
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